Lots of times people say ‘that can’t be done’, or it takes too long or it costs too much so I decide to do it/make it/ myself. Usually I am a ‘design on the fly guy’ with a heuristic approach – i.e. do it, try it, fix it. I’ve made many things over the years and decided to try and remember them all and showcase what I could.

  • For PhD Research in 1991 time frame
    • Wave wire
    • Sand Trap
  • For Car Needs, over the years
    • Trailer Hitches
      • Rubber Bumper MGB (Itch)
      • Chrome Bumper MGB (Jim Sweeney, My GT)
      • MG RV8 (Blue in Perth)
      • MG F (Fitch) (Effie (Frida), Mac’s, JS’s White Knight)
  • Bimini for RV8 (Blue in Perth)
  • “ITCHTAIL” Trailer
  • Valve Cover Race Car Track
  • Australia
    • Paving the yard
    • Canada Wall
    • Bread Knives
    • Caleb’s Cradle
    • Caleb’s Rocking Horse
    • Alyssa’s Nurse Sleeping butterfly
    • Living Wall
    • “Nine”
  • Cottages
    • Wood Rack at 51 Beach
    • PUSSER CUP Trophy
  • For PhD Research in 1991 time frame
  • Wave Wire
  • Sand Trap

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