Wood Turning

Since shop classes in grade 7 and 8 I have been fascinated with wood turning. I remember my first production was a lamp with a base and spindle likely made from pine and proudly presented to my parents. The teacher helped me to wire the switch and socket.

Modern day interest was re-kindled by Alan Lewis, Joel’s grand dad in Kwinana who has turned a whole ton of bowls, lamps and other objects. Together we spent time as teacher and student to produce a candle stick.

I am documenting the production of a bowl from tree felling to finish. It’s from 81 Beach Lane in Coe Hill.

My shop. Needs a band saw (got one now)

After the success of PPWS 2019-5 I decided to move to a bigger piece of maple. Turned out to be much HARDER maple then PPWS5 and a lot more wet and HEAVY and unbalanced. But it has some gorgeous spalting.

Needed a bigger Cole jaws but the next size up would not fit my lathe, so I made my own.

DIY Cole Jaws for reverse chucking
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